Did you know that over 810,000 people live in assisted living facilities in the U.S.? That’s a tremendous amount of seniors living in supportive communities amongst peers and caregivers! However, many people aren’t fully aware of their options when choosing which community is best for their elderly loved one’s needs. They may not realize that some senior living communities offer a shared-room arrangement. But why would a senior choose a roommate in their twilight years after they’ve gotten so familiar with their independence and solitude? Below we dive into the advantages of having a roommate so you can make an informed decision on the best senior living arrangement for you or an elderly loved one. Read on to learn more. 

Decrease Loneliness and Increase Social Interaction

There is a loneliness epidemic amongst senior citizens. About one-fourth of adults over the age of 65 are considered to be isolated. What’s even more concerning is social isolation can lead to severe mental and physical health implications such as premature death, depression, anxiety, and hearing loss. It may also increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Most seniors live alone since their spouse is often deceased and their children have moved out of the house. They also may not have social contact outside of their regular caregivers. Older adults adjust to this loneliness, and it begins to feel normal, but that doesn’t make it healthy. 

When your elderly loved one resides in a community with shared rooms, you won’t have to worry about them feeling lonely and socially isolated. They will always have someone nearby to talk to or do activities with. Sure, living with a new roommate will be an adjustment, but once your elderly loved one forms strong bonds with their roommate and the residents, they’ll love cohabitating. 

Safety And Security

Safety should be one of your primary concerns as someone trying to find care for an elderly relative. When your loved one lives alone, they are at risk for dangerous falls and health emergencies. On the contrary, while living with a roommate, not only do they have security and support from caregivers, but they also have the security of their roommate. If they fall, their roommate will likely be there to inform the staff immediately. Additionally, if they start experiencing subtle health or behavioral changes, their roommate will likely pick up on it. 

Save Money

Assisted living is necessary for those requiring assistance with activities of daily living but is also quite expensive due to the high level of care required. The average cost of assisted living in Louisiana is approximately $5,000 per month. Some communities, such as Dreyfous House at Audubon Care Homes®, offer roommate arrangements, substantially lowering the monthly cost of assisted living.  

An Easier Transition

Transitioning into a new living environment can be a jarring experience for anyone, especially for seniors who have spent most of their lives living independently or with family members. The transition can be even more challenging upon moving into a large senior living community. Even though peers now surround them, the experience can be isolating when they aren’t yet familiar with the social groups within the community. When your elderly loved one enters a roommate situation at a residential care home, they have an opportunity to make friends quicker because of the more intimate setting.

Forming New Relationships

Each person enters a senior living community with their own experiences. When we share our experiences, it brings us closer and creates an atmosphere of unity. You continuously share stories from the past and form new experiences and relationships. It might seem impossible to meet new people as we age, but having a roommate at a residential care home can change that for your elderly loved one. 


There are many advantages of having a roommate for seniors looking to move into an assisted living community, from financial benefit to increasing social interaction. 

At Audubon Care Homes®, we aim to provide our residents with the lifestyles and care they deserve. If you’re ready to move into an assisted living community with shared rooms, please contact us to learn more about our assisted living and memory care services in Metairie, Louisiana. 

Contributing Author: Alex Milzer, Senior Directory