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LSU Health School of Nursing Partnership

Audubon Care Homes® is proud to partner with LSU Health’s School of Nursing for care at our Metairie assisted living facilities. This partnership means student nurses work alongside our professional caregivers to carry out compassionate care, assessments, and observations. Our collaboration with LSU is mutually beneficial, allowing our residents to benefit from additional care. At the same time, students can gain valuable practical experience with the support of memory care experts.

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What is the LSU Health School of Nursing?

LSU’s School of Nursing are experts in training future nurses. They focus on equipping student nurses with scientific, evidence-based, and ethical knowledge solidified by practical experience in clinical settings.

Alongside teaching, LSU’s nursing program is committed to developing culturally diverse and inclusive research to improve knowledge constantly. The nursing school aims to provide a respectful, professional, and innovative environment for staff, students, and patients.

Why Have We Partnered With LSU?

Partnering with LSU is hugely positive for our community, our residents, and the nursing students we host. The nursing students providing care at our assisted living facilities in Metairie can develop their skills with the support of our experienced nurses and caregiving staff, and we can play a part in shaping the excellent healthcare specialists of the future.

As a residential assisted living and memory care home owned and operated by a family touched personally by Alzheimer’s disease, we’re genuinely passionate about providing quality memory care for seniors. Experiencing the complexities of dementia care first-hand can help student nurses to develop the specialized skills needed to work in this unique area of healthcare. 

Our mission is to provide a safe and loving environment where seniors with dementia can enjoy our assisted living facilities with the nursing care they deserve from LSU Health. We partnered with LSU because their core values align with ours, including care, professionalism, respect, integrity, and excellence.

LSU’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of a dynamic approach to health that empowers patients, families, and communities. This philosophy perfectly complements our firm belief that excellent dementia care should benefit residents and the more comprehensive family unit.

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Who Benefits From the Partnership?

Our Metairie residential assisted living and memory care homes offer holistic care for residents, and delivering such all-around care demands a wide and varied skill set. Therefore, placement in a dementia care home allows student nurses to develop transferable skills relevant to many healthcare and nursing roles. Both student nurses and our senior residents benefit from our partnership with the LSU Health School of Nursing.

With our support, students can draw upon their studies to deliver excellent personal care and communication while assisting with essential nursing duties. The passionate student nurses we partner with support seniors with daily living activities, helping our residents socialize and get the most from enriching activities and hobbies.

We always boast an excellent staff-to-resident ratio, but the support of student nurses allows our residents to benefit from the most one-to-one care possible. This partnership also provides a way for student nurses to practically apply their teachings in a real-world environment allowing future generations of patients to receive quality care.

Helping The Future

Supporting the Nurses of the Future

Our main priority will always be our residents, and our mentorship of nursing students is beneficial for everyone involved. Above all, we’re proud to partner with a reputable nursing school with a mission that closely reflects our own, and we are truly thankful for the excellent student nurses we work with.

We’re thrilled to be partnered with an organization that shares our passion for quality nursing care and to play a part in shaping the world-class nurses of tomorrow. If you have questions about our Metairie assisted living facilities or our nursing care partnership with the LSU School of Nursing, call us for more details.