We’ve added Dance Movement Therapy to our weekly activities at Dreyfous House and our residents are having so much fun! 

DMT is a holistic approach that enhances the overall wellbeing. Even when done in a very simple way, it can transform feelings of sadness, depression and pain to a happy and more positive state.

Some of the benefits Dance Movement Therapy provides:

1) Relaxation – an overall sense of well-being and calm from endorphin production and physical, rhythmic movements.

2) Mind & Body Connection:  improves balance and coordination and eases agitation, which is common in individuals with dementia who are frustrated with their changing abilities.

3) Communication: expressing body language / non-verbal behaviors, emotions become more regulated, confidence and attentiveness increases and overall self-esteem improves.

4) Agitation Management: engaging in singing and rhythmic moves can diffuse agitation in non-verbal individuals, who often become agitated and frustrated from the inability to process external stimuli. 

Our wonderful DMT sessions are provided by Grace Bella Harman.
BIO: (she/her/hers) is a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT) and embodied grief guide originally from Philadelphia and based in New Orleans. Her full time work is centered on uplifting the imperative role of the body and movement in processing and metabolizing grief, and she is passionate about helping people of all ages activate their bodies to connect to their own vitality as well as each other.